Increasing transparency and strengthening the public relations capacities in POs

Workshop for spokespersons in the POs and police agencies in BiH

Published on: May 06, 2016
USAID’s Justice Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the HJPC’s Project "Strengthening prosecutorial capacities in the criminal justice system", took part in a two-day workshop for spokespersons in prosecutors’ offices and police agencies which was held on May 4-5 in Teslic.

The first part of the workshop was implemented with the support of Justice Project and it was dedicated to the development of long-term indicators for measuring and monitoring the performance of prosecutors’ offices in the field of public relations. The workshop was led by Dr. Sanin Dzidic, Justice Project’s specialist for Monitoring and Evaluation and development of indicators for monitoring the work results. At the workshop, participants defined proposals for quantitative and qualitative indicators that will be finalized in the coming period and submitted to the HJPC for adoption. These indicators should facilitate the improvement of transparency in the prosecutors’ offices in BiH and their public relations, which is also a long-term strategic goals of the HJPC in the area of ​​judiciary. The remaining part of the workshop was reserved for training on the subject of assertive and internal communications, and the analysis of cooperation between prosecutors' offices and police agencies with regards to public relations.