Continuation of trainings on PGI

Training for Prosecutors of the Cantonal PO in Sarajevo

Published on: May 30, 2016
During its second year, USAID's Justice Project or Activity (JA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is working intensively with six prosecutors' offices (POs) including the Cantonal PO of the Sarajevo Canton. This particular PO has recently taken a number of organizational and personnel related measures to strengthen its capacity to work on complex cases of economic and organized crime and corruption. During 2015 and early 2016, the PO’s Department for organized and economic crime received 15 new prosecutors through new appointments or reassignments.

In support of the efforts of Sarajevo Canton PO to improve capacity of the Department, USAID’s JA organized a five-day practical training for 15 newly appointed/assigned prosecutors who will be working on cases of economic and organized crime and corruption. The training was prepared and delivered by JA consultants for criminal and financial investigations who possess significant experience in investigations in complex cases of economic crime and corruption. Topics covered during the training included the practical instructions for the analysis of reports on economic crime and corruption, review and selection of the material evidence, appropriate investigative measures for these types of cases, as well as the introduction to basic concepts of economics and finance and the operations of business and public entities. Emphasis is placed on preparing the documents and the issuance of orders to conduct economic and financial analysis critical to providing evidence of the financial irregularities involved in these types of cases. Special investigative measures to improve the timeliness of prosecutor’s investigations was also emphasized. Training was practical and interactive which gave prosecutors a chance to share their knowledge and experience with the trainers and other colleagues who attended the training. Sharing information and experiences will result in a more consistent approach to dealing with these cases, and will improve the quality of work across the entire department. This integrated approach will ultimately lead to greater effectiveness in the processing of cases before the competent courts.

This type of training in the field of Prosecutor Guided Investigations (PGI) was carried out earlier in the partner prosecutors' offices (PPOs) during the JA’s first year. Extension of PGI gives continuity and consistency to the training the JA is providing to all prosecutors in BiH. The specificity and importance of training in the field of PGI as delivered by the JA lies in the immediate applicability of the acquired knowledge to active cases and in its adaptability to local context which has repeatedly been pointed out by the trainees. The JA will continue to intensively cooperate in the coming period with the Cantonal PO in Sarajevo. Special emphasis will be placed on activities that have been identified as priorities for this PO within the Prosecutor Partnership Program, which was signed with the PO.

USAID’s JA is a five-year activity in the field of rule of law which is aimed at strengthening the national capacity to combat corruption and organized crime. Through this type of professional development, the JA will seek to strengthen the capacity of prosecutors, both at the individual and institutional level, to fight corruption and other high profile cases, such as the abuse of power or complex forms of economic crime.

The training that the JA provides on-site and in the workplace, and the counseling program for managers and prosecutors working on corruption and other complex crimes, are all designed to assist prosecutors in improving their knowledge and skills to ensure effective investigations and successful prosecution of these cases.