Introductory training on the conduct of disciplinary proceedings

Through training to a fair and effective disciplinary procedure

Published on: May 30, 2019

Introductory training in the field of disciplinary proceedings should be provided immediately, without delay, following the election of a member of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) or a member of the Disciplinary Committee. This is one of the conclusions of the workshop held on May 29 and 30, 2019 in Tarcin.

On this occasion, participants of the workshop, representatives of the Appointments Office and the Department for Legal Affairs of the HJPC BiH, and the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel discussed how best to provide such training, using the draft of the Manual for disciplinary proceedings, developed by USAID's Justice Activity in BiH (JA) in cooperation with the HJPC's Working Group for the Improvement of the Integrity and Responsibilities of the Judicial Office Holders.

Participants of the workshop agreed that good preparation of the disciplinary prosecutor and a member of the disciplinary committee, as well as the establishment of initial and continuous training in this area, are crucial for ensuring the fairness and efficiency of the disciplinary proceeding.

Although the disciplinary proceedings, according to the Law on the HJPC, are public, this workshop reiterated the need to improve the transparency of the disciplinary proceeding and its outcome, among other things, by improving the manner of publishing disciplinary decisions.

The trainers at the workshop organized by USAID's Justice Activity in BiH were international experts Timothy Hughes and Victoria Henley, project consultants. Former Disciplinary Prosecutor and Deputy CoP of the JA Muhamed Sušić, as well as judge of the District Commercial Court in Bijeljina and a member of the HJPC Disciplinary Committee Draženko Lugonja participated in the workshop as panelists and presented certain current issues from disciplinary practice.