Sarajevo Cantonal PO and Entity POs sign PPP

Three more POs sign partnership agreements with USAID's Justice Activity

Published on: January 04, 2016
USAID’s Justice Activity in BiH signed three more Agreements to implement a Prosecutor Partnership Program (PPP) with Cantonal Prosecutor's Offices (PO) in Sarajevo and the two Entity PO’s. These PPPs are a central part of the Justice Actitvity’s effort to strengthen the capacity of POs in the BiH to combat corruption and other serious crimes. The Justice Activity is being implemented over a five-year period from October 2014 to October 2019 and is focused on providing support to the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On behalf of USAID’s Justice Activity the agreements were signed by Justice Activity Director Biljana Potparić-Lipa, and, on behalf of the Prosecutor's Offices by Chief Prosecutors Dalida Burzić, Zdravko Knežević and Mahmut Švraka.

One of the main goals of the Justice Activity is to support judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina in their efforts to effectively prosecute cases of corruption, abuse of office and other complex cases of economic and organized crime.

Professional and technical assistance that will be provided in this period through the Justice Activity will focus on improvements in the capacity of prosecutors to investigate and prosecute corruption, improvement of overall management practices, as well as improvements to efforts to promote greater transparency and communication with the public.

A total of six prosecutors in BiH have been selected to be the partner institutions that will receive Justice Activity support over the course of the second year of its implementation. Previously, the Justice Activity collaborated with cantonal prosecutors’ offices in Zenica and Tuzla and District Prosecutors’ Offices in Doboj and Istočno Sarajevo. During the five-year implementation of the activities, the project will also work with all other prosecutors’ offices in BiH.

Prosecutor Partnership Program defines activities that will help in the process of strengthening the managerial, organizational and professional capacities of partner POs so that they are effective in dealing with complex and priority cases of corruption and serious economic crime.