Representatives of Ministries of Finance and Justice meet H-N Cantonal PO to discuss budget needs

Supporting the budgeting process in the Cantonal POs

Published on: February 05, 2016
As part of the planned activities, USAID’s Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina has initiated a practice of holding consultative meetings between representatives of the Cantonal Ministries of Justice and Finance on the one side and representatives of Cantonal Prosecutor Offices (POs) and the HJPC on the other side. The goal of these meetings is to assist in the preparation, consultation and adoption of the annual budgets of the Cantonal POs in accordance with the applicable regulations. The aim is also to adequately consider the needs of POs to strengthen their technical, organizational and material capacities for work on economic crimes and corruption cases and that the relevant ministries are committed to providing the necessary assistance for the POs’ work on these cases.

The first such meeting was held in September last year in the ​​Zenica-Doboj Canton, and on February 5, another meeting was held between the authorities of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the Cantonal PO. The meeting was attended by the Cantonal Minister of Justice and Administration, Assistant to the Cantonal Minister of Finance, Acting Chief Cantonal Prosecutor, Director of the Secretariat of the HJPC and the head of the judicial budgets for the HJPC, and representatives of the Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is noteworthy that in December 2015, the Justice Activity signed a Prosecutor Partnership Program (PPP) with six new POs, including the Cantonal PO of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. The PPP defines activities that will help in the process of strengthening the managerial, organizational and professional capacities of partner POs, especially regarding their capacity to work on complex cases of corruption, and economic and organized crime. An area in which this PO expressed the need for support was assistance in the preparation, consultation and adoption of the annual budget in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Such consultations between the Cantonal executive authorities and the PO will continue in the coming period in order to ensure that adequate financial support is directed to the real needs of the POs as they work to combat economic and organized crime and corruption cases, and improve their public information practices. In this regard, it will be particularly important to enage the support of an economic adviser and an officer for public relations.