Seminar in Međugorje

Media and judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published on: October 31, 2018

How to improve communication and cooperation between journalists and representatives of judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)? THIS was the central issue of a two-day seminar "Media and Judiciary in BiH", which was held on October 29 and 30, 2018 in Medjugorje. The seminar was organized by the Association "BH Journalists". The answers to this question were jointly sought by journalists, representatives of judicial institutions in BiH and international experts in this field.

The participants of this seminar tried to identify together the existing challenges in communication between media and the judiciary, and to provide proposals with the aim of improving mutual relations and cooperation, strengthening transparency in the work of judicial institutions.

"The challenge in communication is certainly the lack of professional spokespersons in judicial institutions. On the other hand, it is necessary that journalists reporting on the work of judicial institutions be educated and prepared for reporting in this area. This is a two-way process, but I believe that it is possible to establish a viable cooperation through a continuous dialogue," said spokeswoman of the Federal Prosecutor's Office of FBiH, Nina Hadžihajdarević, one of the participants in the seminar.

Representatives of USAID's Justice Project in BiH presented their activities in the area of ​​strengthening transparency in the work of prosecutor's offices in BiH and the plan for future activities. For the past five years, the Justice Project has been continuously helping partner POs in BiH to strengthen their capacities in order to efficiently process complex forms of crime, and better communicate their activities to citizens and the media.

The seminar "Media and Judiciary in BiH" was realized within the framework of the Council of Europe Project - Strengthening the Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Speech in the Media of South-East Europe (JUFREX).