Working together with our key partners

Justice Project holds an orientation workshop for key stakeholders

Published on: June 25, 2015
On June 24, 2015, USAID’s Justice Project organized an Orientation Presentation for members of the HJPC‘s Standing Committee for Effectiveness of Prosecutor Offices (POs) and Chief Prosecutors of the partner POs. The presentation, which was held in Sarajevo, is a Project activity aimed at strengthening organizational leadership, planning, and performance of prosecutors. Four members of the HJPC’s Standing Committee, the Chief Prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Doboj, and representatives of the Swiss funded Project of Strengthening POs attended the presentation.

The Orientation Presentation focused on informing the participants about the results of USAID’s Justice Project activities conducted in the period from February to the end of June 2015. These activities mostly focused on developing individual Prosecutor Office Assistance Plans (POAP) for each of the four partner POs (District POs in Istočno Sarajevo and Doboj, and Cantonal POs in Zenica and Tuzla) and initiating their implementation.

Participants jointly discussed issues that were identified through the activities conducted so far, most of which relate to the enhancement of prosecutorial work on cases of corruption and economic crime, strengthening transparency of POs and improving public relations, and the enhancement of management practices in the POs.

Members of the Standing Committee expressed their overall support for the activities of the Justice Project in the area of increasing capacity of POs to more effectively deal with complex cases of corruption and economic crime. They also conveyed to the Justice Project the feedback that they are receiving from prosecutors in the four partner PO’s about the positive impact Justice Project activities are having on their work.