Strengthening capacities of the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel

JP handed over draft Communications Strategy to the ODC

Published on: October 28, 2015
In implementing Year 1 activities, USAID’s Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Justice Activity), formerly known as the Justice Project, has been providing support to the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), which has been one of its key partners. Among other activities, the Justice Activity provided support to the ODC in the drafting of a communications strategy for the ODC. This process began with the assessment of current internal and external communication practices of the ODC, and it resulted in a recommendation of measures for their improvement.

After several months of work, the Justice Activity Chief of Party Biljana Potparić Lipa handed over today the draft Communication Strategy Document to Chief Disciplinary Counsel Arben Murtezić. Communications expert Dženana Alađuz, who worked on this document, gave a short presentation of the earlier assessment’s main findings and how they were addressed in the new communication strategy document. The expert provided around 40 recommendations aimed at strengthening the ODC’s communication strategy. Two general recommendations were highlighted: (1) continuous professional development of ODC staff in the area of public communications directed towards better ODC public perception and positioning, and (2) leveraging, to the extent possible, existing resources for the implementation of suggested ODC communication activities. Chief DC Murtezić expressed gratitude on behalf of the HJPC and ODC for the work done by the Justice Activity, recognizing the importance of having good communication strategy for internal and external use respectively. Both partners expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation over the last project year and reaffirmed their commitments to pursue jointly the strengthening of ODC’s capacities and improvement of its organizational positioning, among other things, through the implementation of the communication strategy once adopted. The ODC is the Justice Activity’s key partner and it plays a critical role in ensuring that all actors in the justice chain are held accountable and uphold the highest norms of professional conduct and integrity.