Justice Project partners with USKOK and Romanian DNA to train local partners

Interactive workshop for partner POs on combating corruption

Published on: June 19, 2015
One of the key activities of USAID's Justice Project in BiH is to work with prosecutor's offices through a mechanism called the Prosecutor Partnership Program (PPP). A PPP will be signed with every prosecutor's office in BiH over the life of the Project. Currently, we are engaged with four PO's through PPPs: District POs in Istočno Sarajevo and Doboj, and Cantonal POs in Zenica and Tuzla. Through PPP's we are looking to build capacities of partner POs to more effectively investigate and prosecute cases of corruption and organized crime. In order to ensure POs have access to the best technical assistance and expertise, USAID's Justice Project established working relations with the State Prosecutor's Office of Croatia and its Office for Prevention and Fight against Organized Crime (USKOK) and with the National Anti-Corruption Directorate of Republic of Romania (DNA).

Both of these institutions, according to EU's Anticorruption Report from 2014, are among the most efficient and effective institutions to combat corruption at EU level, which makes them ideal partners for our local counterparts.

After collecting inputs on the ground and gauging the needs of our partner PO's, the Justice Project organized two one-day interactive workshops featuring representatives of both USKOK and DNA which were attended by some twenty five prosecutors from Istočno Sarajevo, Doboj, Tuzla and Zenica, including two chief prosecutors. Presenters were high ranking officials from both USKOK and DNA, who possess years of relevant experience gained through their work on some of the highest profile cases that have been tried in Croatia and Romania to date.

The approach was very hands on giving local prosecutors an opportunity to present and discuss issues they face when working on corruption cases, while their international colleagues were able to provide very informed and relevant feedback and guidance that will benefit prosecutors in BiH. Participants agreed that this type of training is critical at this stage as only well trained and informed prosecutors can contribute to a successful fight against organized crime and corruption in BiH.