Support to Increasing Transparency in the work of POs

Implementing Plan of professional development for PR officers

Published on: April 26, 2017

USAID’s Justice Activity, delivered on April 25-26, in cooperation with the Project of Strengthening Prosecutorial Capacities in the Criminal Justice System (implemented by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council), a two-day workshop for spokespersons and officials for public relations from prosecutors' offices and police agencies in BiH. The workshop was focused on the mechanism for monitoring public relations, cooperation with the local community and gender sensible speech. The workshop is part of the implementation of the "Plan of professional development for PR officers."

Improving transparency and access to information about the work of judicial institutions is an important strategic objective and commitment of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH, as well as Entity prosecutorial systems. In order to support the partner prosecutor's offices in the implementation of strategic programs in this area, USAID’s Justice Activity has provided expert support in the development of a "Plan for monitoring and evaluation of public relations of POs in BiH". the final version of the document was presented by Dr. Sanin Džidić, director of monitoring and evaluation with the USAID’s Justice Activity. The plan aims to create a model for the system-wide and continuous monitoring and evaluation of public relations that are based on common ground for all prosecutors' offices. USAID’s Justice Activity will continue the work on the implementation of this plan.

During the workshop, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina Boris Grubesic presented to the participants the tools, features and models of activities aimed at establishing good cooperation between judicial institutions and the local community. Executive Director of the Association of Young Linguists Sandra Zlotrg, with a master’s degree in gender sensitive speech, informed the participants about the importance of integration of language and terminology that takes into account gender issues when reporting on the work of judicial institutions.

Improving the effectiveness of public relations, through development of interactive relations with the media and citizens, increasing the number of communication channels and the number, quality and comprehensiveness of information that the POs provide, is at the core of building public confidence in the work of prosecutors' offices, and the justice system as a whole.