New Hanbook and Guide for judges and prosecutors introduced in Banja Luka

Handbook and Guide as a great encouragement for judges and prosecutors in BiH

Published on: February 13, 2019

After being presented in Sarajevo, the new Handbook and Guide to good practice in the prosecution of corruption for judges and prosecutors was presented today by USAID's Justice Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) 19) in Banja Luka. Experts from BiH and the United States of America have been working on this publication that offers practical advice for judges and prosecutors for their work on complex forms of crime.

"This Guide represents a great encouragement and a hope for more successful processing of complex forms of crime such as corruption," said Svetlana Marić, judge of the District Court in Banja Luka. She was one of the participants in the workshop on the use of the Guide. Judge Marić added that corruption in BiH is a huge problem and that continuous training of judges and prosecutors in this area is necessary.

The Guide, first of its kind in BiH, is primarily intended for judges and prosecutors working on complex cases of corruption, economic and organized crime. The most important issues related to prosecutorial investigation, prosecution and bringing to trial these cases, were addressed, as well as practical advice for judges and prosecutors on the basis of law and case law.

The workshop where the Guide was presented was organized by USAID's Justice Project in BiH in cooperation with the Centers for training of judges and prosecutors (CEST) of the Federation of BiH Republika Srpska.