Strengthening prosecutorial capacities in BiH

10th Annual Conference of Prosecutors in BiH

Published on: September 28, 2017

Over the past three days, prosecutors from all over BiH have discussed the possible consequences of a decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which pronounced unconstitutional some of the provisions of the criminal procedure code crucial for the prosecution of serious forms of corruption, economic and organized crime. The discussion was conducted within the 10th Annual Conference of Prosecutors. The event’s organization was supported by USAID's Justice Activity in BiH. Bearing in mind that there is a certain danger that the provisions declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court will be withdrawn within three months, this meeting aimed to alert the expert and general public about the necessity of urgent implementation of this decision.

In addition, the findings of the Analysis of the System of Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime in BiH were presented at the Conference. It was concluded that prosecutors require expert support from specialized financial investigation authorities, and that the mechanisms for direct international cooperation in these cases need to be strengthened, with the aim of more efficient tracking and securing illegal property. Also, the need to harmonize legislative solutions in BiH was emphasized in order to allow all prosecutors to conduct financial investigations aimed at seizing proceeds of crime even after confirmation of the indictment. The last session of the consultation was dedicated to strengthening transparency in the work of prosecutors' offices, with a special focus on improving the appearance, functionality and quality of the content of their websites, as well as conducting education in the field of public relations and the appearance of prosecutors in the media.